She’s Like Mt. Mayon

Mt. Mayon

From where I stand, the contour of Mt. Mayon flaunts its conical perfection. It’s quite the same in every single angle from east to west and north to south. I’ve seen other mountains on my way here which I thought to be the volcano. But the fallacy was instantly rectified the moment I witnessed Mayon’s sophistication.

School textbooks and glossy magazines weren’t lying as the sleeping giant is truly filled with majesty in the truest sense of the word. And the lady beside me — my girlfriend and a local in the region — she elucidates every story in our exploration of her hometown.

But something more amuses me: She’s like Mt. Mayon.

I met her during my internship as a bank management trainee. Beautiful and calm, she was waiting quietly at the cash counter when we, trainees, were introduced to them, tellers. Her hair was like a starless night sky flowing straight down to her narrow shoulders. Her small round eyes behind a pair of thick glasses, and her flawless yellowish skin hinted me of her Chinese background. Like Mayon, she was truly enchanting at first sight.

In a while, thick clouds start to cloak the panorama leaving my eyes wanting more. I waited all day long but Mayon’s splendor never showed up again. Similarly, I can say she’s erratic most of the time.

She barely talks when we’re together, although there were moments I felt some genuine interest and compassion in her. But until now she’s a mystery; there was only a time when she expressed her feelings for me, when we’re on board a bus going home from a  youth camp in Iba, Zambales. She often just smiles and nods at everything I say, not knowing what’s running on her mind. I just dismissed the thought and considered it as a preface of our love story.

As darkness breaks in, I look intensely at the grandeur silhouette of the active volcano. Somehow, it reminds me of the devastation it has caused to the area few years back. Somehow, it warns me the fact that it can explode anytime even when people are not prepared to evacuate, that it could just burst out in anger and turn its surroundings into ashes and dusts at an instant. Still, I leave the place mesmerized by its magnificence and tranquility.

But after a month or two, I will realize she totally is like Mt. Mayon.


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