Surfboards Attack

Surfer Boy

From the horizon I saw waves forming, rolling onto the bed of waters and crashing onto the shores until nothingness all remained. The unknown pulled it back creating new waves from afar. Some were big as giants that can swallow every bits of existence on earth while some were small that are so-so music to ears and musing to eyes. It was the sweetest wind that endlessly whispers to the anticipating sea and conspires with the brightest sun to make such spectacle happened in front of us. I knew it was nature. It was nature, working as one.

It was my first time to try surfing. Along with my inexperienced office buddies, we availed a package that includes a quick learning session with a pro and an hour of surfboard rental. The boards were soft, long and slender, being the most appropriate for learners, but its color pink had no contribution to that effect at all.

The waves were already waiting, and I was the same way all-equipped to face it — not maybe experientially but at least emotionally! So, we braved paddling our way in quest for the right wave to ride with the assistance of our personal trainers. However, the odds were not on our back as the ocean produced monstrous waves obviously not kind to beginners like us.

I was cognizant of the inherent dangers found in the sea which include drowning, marine life, rip currents and seabed. But as a great wave fell on me, I found myself struggling to lift my head and catch some breath of life. To my surprise, I can barely move the whole of my left arm without knowing what actually had happened. Then my trainer soon hollered that the right wave we waited for is coming. Despite my condition, I listened to my heart throb telling me to prepare and stand up. Good thing fortune allowed me to drift back into the safe arms of shores.

Something struck me hard without noticing it was fast approaching. There were things around that I have overlooked never thinking it can cause such impact, perhaps because I focused too much with what is nature and what is ordinary. At least now I know that when surfing, aside the surges and splashes that the wide ocean lays, there are surfboards around to watch out for.


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