Rocky Love Affair

Ampere Beach

There’s a rock standing still along the shores of Ampere Beach.

Its gregarious features make it the main attraction in town. Everyone wishes to have a close sight of it. Some want to touch it, some even claim it.

And there is the wave, kissing sands and pebbles from time to time. It’s not the type perfect for surfing the place is known for, neither a gentle one suited for swimming. It’s just a wave — an ordinary one.

They’ve been together for eon of years, night and day, through thick and thin. They’ve been together with other forces of nature: the sun, the wind, and earth. They’ve created a good tandem which catches every tourist’s heart and attention.

Suddenly, they fell in love… with each other.

As to which fell first doesn’t matter. Nobody knows about it, not the sun, not the wind, not the earth, not everything they collaborate with every passing day. Because both of them cannot speak.

They can only feel.

When the sky turns dark, the wave hugs the rock trying to reach the latter’s tip in order to blanket with paramount affection. The rock in turn tries to move, tries to prove what’s inside of it but it can only point the stars and narrate how beautiful the heavens are.

One thing’s for sure: they are in love. However, circumstances prevent them from being the happiest.

So the rock continues to display what’s expected of it, with everyone delighted upon the sight of it. Some still prays to own it, some walks closer, touches it, until they get cuts from the rock’s sharp edges.

And the wave, it witnesses everything. It becomes one of those delighted just by the plain sight of the rock. It comes closer and closer until it bleeds. It cries but nobody notices the tears, not even the rock that causes the pain.

The current pulls the wave away from the shore. But it chooses to come back and be with the rock. It chooses to just stay, watch the rock stand still, listen to its dreams and aspirations, and try to understand why it can never break from its stand, attest its love, and join the wave to eternity.


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