Sands of Time


The clock alarms every morning and you snooze it to delay the life impending but the piles of unopened books and troubled papers are waiting. Then at a sudden the alarm clock whacks again — this time, you already need to wake up.

Elevator is overload and you have to step out to give way to others even you only have another minute to beat. All you can do is to run to the nearest fire exit and climb all the way up the floor until you become breathless just to make it.

At the top, raindrops keep falling. It was first like a leaking faucet that you ignore until it inundate the major streets of the city and drown the people who lives there.

You watch a movie, party ’til dawn, kiss and make-out. You almost forgot someone is waiting in tears while you enjoy the luxury of the hours. Yes, the night is young but you are not getting any younger.

Questions will echo in your head: are you doing the right thing? Is it worth all the risk? What if yes? What if no? What if you really don’t know?

Then sleep. And take it seriously.

The first break of sunlight will bring you warmth and guidance and consciousness. You will crave for a fine beach where the grains of sands stick on your toes, reach your hidden pockets and remind you that time is limited — go for a holiday!

Because your sands of time is pouring.


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