You Prayed For This

Basilica del Sto. Niño

You prayed for this. That time when you were so lost you had a vision of a bleak future, you ran away and left it all to the dictates of heavens. It was something beyond control, something strange, and something you didn’t wish for.

The beacon of hope brought you to an unfamiliar place. You were wandering because you lost tracks and you know you can no longer stay there and wait for chances, for someone to save you.

Lighting a red candle, you closed your eyes and basked in the moment.

Waiting outside the old basilica, you whispered that it was everything you wanted.

Then you got it — answered prayers. You were overjoyed although a part of you felt like missing. You walked away then realized there was something wrong. It was not what your heart really wanted, but it rescued you. Now, you can’t deny because you once said it was everything you wanted.

You’re no religious person, but you prayed for this.


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