Pico de Loro: The (First) Climb

We parted. We fell. We got lost.

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This Way to the Parrot’s Beak

Nobody from us would say it was an easy climb. Continue reading “Pico de Loro: The (First) Climb”


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You don’t look at me
The same way, anymore
Like the first time
I saw your eyes fixed at mine

Inside a moving car
Through the glass window,
You were standing beside the church
Religiously looking at me

Your gaze never parted
How can I forget that night
I was trying to prove my theory
but eventually got lost in the process

You don’t look at me
The same way, anymore
When I used to live in those twinkles
Secretly wishing the clock would stop

But now
When I look at you
I can’t see your eyes

Because you don’t look at me
Not anymore.

Sunset Sailing

Boracay Sunset

Holding tight on the outrigger with one hand and carrying the bulky DSLR using the other, I tried to capture as swift as I could every colors of the sun drowning in the horizon of the West Philippine Sea. Just like an art painting, a thousand words worth, the sky was filled with shades of red, orange, and yellow, bursting against the altostratus clouds above us. I kept my balance as I watched the silhouettes of Paraw drifting across the wide ocean lay. Continue reading “Sunset Sailing”

Life’s a Beach

Everything felt warm—the sand beneath me, the sound of the ocean, the hint of a summer breeze brushing my skin, the laughter of my friends playing cards, the luxury of doing nothing… It was all warm.

Burot BeachAh, summer. The season of fiestas, picnics and bikinis, of the glorious sun, sea and sand. Also the season I waited for so long to enjoy a beach escapade with my friends. Continue reading “Life’s a Beach”