“How many times have you done this?” Continue reading “Intimacy”


Taken For Granted

LotusI can no longer see myself without you by my side. Although it hurts, I always find myself running to your arms like a helpless child crying to his mother. I hate myself for unconditionally loving you despite the cold treatment and neglect you have repetitively shown me, despite swallowing my pride and dignity, even at times it takes turning  back to those closest to me. Getting out of my comfort zone is always effortless when it comes to choosing you. Continue reading “Taken For Granted”

Do You Like Me?

Las Casas

It was already Saturday morning. I knew I had a class on Evidence & Trial Techniques at 8 a.m. which was only about six hours away, but I kept drinking until we emptied five pitchers of alcomix and a bottle of brandy. I had decided to skip my class thinking I had not read anything about the Dead Man’s Statute at all and hoping that my past recitation grades can still save my class standing and compensate for an “emergency” absence. Continue reading “Do You Like Me?”