Sunset Sailing

Boracay Sunset

Holding tight on the outrigger with one hand and carrying the bulky DSLR using the other, I tried to capture as swift as I could every colors of the sun drowning in the horizon of the West Philippine Sea. Just like an art painting, a thousand words worth, the sky was filled with shades of red, orange, and yellow, bursting against the altostratus clouds above us. I kept my balance as I watched the silhouettes of Paraw drifting across the wide ocean lay. Continue reading “Sunset Sailing”


Sands of Time


The clock alarms every morning and you snooze it to delay the life impending but the piles of unopened books and troubled papers are waiting. Then at a sudden the alarm clock whacks again — this time, you already need to wake up. Continue reading “Sands of Time”