The Climb


Nobody from us would say it was an easy climb. Continue reading “The Climb”


Hiking Barefoot in Mt. Batulao


My feet are getting numb. I think I can no longer make it to the summit, but there’s no point of turning back for I still need to walk anyway. Besides, I can almost breathe success here at Camp 8. The scent of nature seeps in through my nose. It’s the opportunity to recover all the air I lost from the old trail down. I can do this. Continue reading “Hiking Barefoot in Mt. Batulao”

She’s Like Mt. Mayon

Mt. Mayon

From where I stand, the contour of Mt. Mayon flaunts its conical perfection. It’s quite the same in every single angle — from east to west and north to south. I have seen other mountains on our way here which I thought to be the volcano, but the fallacy was instantly rectified the moment I witnessed Mayon’s sophistication. Continue reading “She’s Like Mt. Mayon”