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You don’t look at me
The same way, anymore
Like the first time
I saw your eyes fixed at mine

Inside a moving car
Through the glass window,
You were standing beside the church
Religiously looking at me

Your gaze never parted
How can I forget that night
I was trying to prove my theory
but eventually got lost in the process

You don’t look at me
The same way, anymore
When I used to live in those twinkles
Secretly wishing the clock would stop

But now
When I look at you
I can’t see your eyes

Because you don’t look at me
Not anymore.

Hiking Barefoot in Mt. Batulao


My feet are getting numb. I think I can no longer make it to the summit, but there’s no point of turning back for I still need to walk anyway. Besides, I can almost breathe success here at Camp 8. The scent of nature seeps in through my nose. It’s the opportunity to recover all the air I lost from the old trail down. I can do this. Continue reading “Hiking Barefoot in Mt. Batulao”